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What should the coding of "Direction" attribute be in the network? 0 = biderectional? 1=A to B? 2=B to A? x = ? Regarding User-Equilibrium Assignment and Capacity: Are there any build-in assumptions on hourly based data (trips per hour in matrix and capacity in vehicles per hour) or can any set of matching data-units do: Matrix with trips per 24h, capacity for 24 h (perhaps a little hard to define) Matrix with trips for 2 peak hours, capacity for two hours Etc. Regards Morten
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Asked on 2015-04-25 16:47

Aequilibrium is still not built-in, and directions are as follows:

-1: BA
0: Bi-directional
1: AB

Posted by Pedro
Answered On 2017-04-10 02:40