We need to talk about the trust we put on software

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  Before we begin, let us say that we will be speaking from a transportation modeling perspective, but there is no reason why this would not be true for other fields that rely heavily on (proprietary) software. Now back to the topic at hand. The origin of our concerns   There are many things in […]

AequilibraE’s equilibrium traffic assignment

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Traffic assignment is a cornerstone of any transportation modeling software, and regardless of what you are using it for (consulting or research), a capable traffic assignment tool/software/algorithm is often a required tool for a successful outcome. Even though it has taken me some time to appreciate the fact that the modeling practice also needed an […]

New RasterStats

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Oddly enough, the most popular plugin I have ever created for QGIS is NOT AequilibraE, but a much more obscure tool I created 4 years ago at the request of my brother. This tool, dedicated to the computation of raster statistics when overlayed with polygons (basically counting the number of pixels of each value for […]

New version of AequilibraE for QGIS 3.X

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It has been a really long time since I released the experimental version of AequilibraE for QGIS 3.X, and since then I haven’t worked really hard on it. Part of this slow down in the development had to do with the fact that I don’t have air condition in my home office, and Brisbane’s summer […]

Get them filtered – A new plugin for QGIS

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This is another quite short post, as it treats of something that is quite trivial from a technical point of view and, in hindsight, something that I should’ve published years ago. One of the features that I quite missed in QGIS right from the beginning, was the possibility of navigating through elements of a layer […]

Towards efficient geoprocessing of movement data (Part 1)

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By now, everybody has read (multiple times) Geoff Boeing’s excellent post on the importance of using spatial indices when performing spatial operations and  the impact that having grided polygons can have in overlay operations. It is not ground-breaking, but that the number one reference I give to people that are starting in geoprocessing outside QGIS. There […]