AequilibraE embraces Pandas

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If one takes a look at the AequilibraE code, they will find an unusual amount of NumPy gymnastics that would definitely point to a world with no Pandas. It is the case, however, that Pandas is not only alive and well, but it also has a large number of features that would greatly accelerate the […]

AequilibraE networks for the entire world

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A couple of months ago, somebody from the World Bank asked me for suggestions on how to go about computing a distance matrix between a series of points spread throughout India using Open-Street-Maps or something similar. Computing path computations on large networks are nothing new, nor is it to compute skim matrices for a large […]

Opening the door to a whole new world with AequilibraE

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It was around the time I separated the Python package from the QGIS plugin¬†and started making AequilibraE a more serious software effort with unit tests, continuous integration, and documentation that I decided that I would eventually have to develop a more consistent API for AequilibraE. That evolution, allied TranspoNET (HOW THE HELL HAVE I FAILED […]

New version of AequilibraE for QGIS 3.X

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It has been a really long time since I released the experimental version of AequilibraE for QGIS 3.X, and since then I haven’t worked really hard on it. Part of this slow down in the development had to do with the fact that I don’t have air condition in my home office, and Brisbane’s summer […]

Holidays & AequilibraE

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Let me start by saying that AequilibraE is probably my favorite project, but I have been neglecting it for a while. Just for some perspective, QGIS 3 has had three major releases (3.0, 3.2 & 3.4) and I have not yet released a version of AequilibraE that is compatible with this new platform. That is […]

Separating the women from the girls

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The topic of this post is something I have been wanting to do since I published version 0.3 of AequilibraE, back on August 2016: Separating the aequilibrae python library (the computational engine that underlines most of the AequilibraE procedures) from the GUI part of the software (which is the QGIS interface). The goal?¬† Being able […]