We need to talk about the trust we put on software

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  Before we begin, let us say that we will be speaking from a transportation modeling perspective, but there is no reason why this would not be true for other fields that rely heavily on (proprietary) software. Now back to the topic at hand. The origin of our concerns   There are many things in […]

Extracting the most from NumPy

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NumPy is fast, and for people using it correctly, it provides all performance they will need, as their bottleneck will most likely reside somewhere else in their code. There are times, however, when NumPy presents bottlenecks that are worth trying to address. In the age of AMD’s Ryzen line of CPUs, the lack of multi-threading […]

AequilibraE’s equilibrium traffic assignment

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Traffic assignment is a cornerstone of any transportation modeling software, and regardless of what you are using it for (consulting or research), a capable traffic assignment tool/software/algorithm is often a required tool for a successful outcome. Even though it has taken me some time to appreciate the fact that the modeling practice also needed an […]

Biogeme on Windows using Docker

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An important part of my day job is to develop new transportation models, and that includes a lot of discrete choice model estimation, and in the last 18 months that has included anywhere from simple departure time choice models, to more sophisticated mode choice models, where we experimented with Nested, Cross-Nested and Mixed-Logit. We have […]

AequilibraE’s new release

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It has been quite a while since I last released a version of AequilibraE, but a new one just hit the QGIS repository. The long time between releases was initially due to an attempt to include select link analysis in the assignment, but a LOT happened in the meantime, and although this version still does […]