Presenting AequilibraE to the open source community


About a month ago I went to San Francisco Bay Area to present AequilibraE at the FOSS4G North America convention, which is the largest Open Source GIS event in the US.  It is a very interesting conference, and much different from the transportation engineering/planning conferences I usually go to.

The nice thing of being in a conference about open source software  is that the mindset of the people there is very close to mine:  The value is in the service, and not in the piece of software, and if everybody contributes to the software, everybody will have good free tools to use.

I won’t bore anybody with the details, but if you want to see the presentation slides, you can get them HERE.

To check out the description of the presentation click HERE

For a video of the presentation (slides plus voice-over), you can click HERE

And for general information on the conference, please click HERE